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Top 5 Tips on How to Maximise iAM Learning’s LMS

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If you’re part of your company’s L&D team, you’ll likely know what an LMS is already. But if you’re new to the business, it might just be one of those acronyms that you think everyone else knows and you feel too insecure to ask, so you just roll with it. However, there’s no need to feel that way anymore – we’ll explain what an LMS is, and how to get the best out of ours. 

So, what is a Learning Management System?

Simple really. It’s a piece of software, or web-based platform, that can be used to deliver training, as well as document, track and report on the delivery of those educational courses. In other words, in the workplace, it enables employees to access online training and develop their skills and allows HR and L&D teams to manage, measure and report on employee training. It’s very useful for learning planning, compliance, and employee reviews.

Learning Management Systems are powerful tools for workplace learning and development, and we don’t like to toot our own horn, but… especially our LMS! With over 300 courses and resources, the iAM Learning LMS aims to maximise impact through extensive, varied content and intuitive navigation. Let’s explore 5 key tips to help you make the most out of our LMS, because it’s crucial for employee learning and growth.

  1. Consider setting up internal incentives around LMS course completion. For example, prompt managers to include LMS training in development plans and appraisals. This reinforces the importance and value of the LMS. Gamification through points, badges, and leaderboards also motivates engagement with relevant courses needed across the business.

  2. A key advantage of an LMS is a centralised learning portal, where all training content is housed in one place. Learners can self-serve professional development and mandatory compliance training as needed, without the hassles of fragmented resources across multiple systems or platforms. This consolidation and simplicity enables seamless access to critical learning as and when it’s needed.

  3. The iAM Learning LMS main dashboard highlights the vast range of subjects and topics tailored to industry needs. Clear, organised categories like Leadership, Health and Safety, Sales and Compliance showcase the breadth and diversity of training content available. This aids companies of all sizes and sectors.

  4. Accessibility and flexibility are other LMS benefits. We’ve worked hard to ensure learners can digest courses and modules from any device, whether office-based, remote, or mobile. The consistent experience across desktops, tablets and smartphones connects all employees through learning.

  5. L&D administrators should thoroughly explore the LMS as a user and highlight (or star) top course picks for colleagues. Sharing aspects that stood out - whether our compelling storytelling, engaging visuals, or ease of navigation - can inspire others to use the LMS, too.

In summary, the iAM Learning LMS simplifies workplace learning by consolidating useful and engaging content across topics, enabling multi-device access, and providing an intuitive, easy-to-navigate portal. The clear dashboard and search options on the main page can show you exactly what you need to know quickly, so you can get started. This system has been designed to educate and engage any workforce with impactful learning.

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