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The Power of Microlearning: The Entertainer’s L&D Transformation

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If you haven’t heard of ‘The Entertainer’, where have you been? The Entertainer stores sell a wide variety of toys, games, and entertainment products. They offer a diverse range of popular and well-known brands, as well as their own products, for children and young people of all ages. 

Working in the toy retail sector comes with its set of hurdles, especially when promoting an L&D culture. High staff turnover in the sector, technological changes, lack of training time, a high percentage of staff that aren’t office-based and evolving customer trends mean that L&D could get pushed to the side. But The Entertainer values its employees highly and resolved to transform their L&D, using a strategic approach to tackle these issues. That’s why they partnered with iAM Learning.

We recently spoke with Mike Metcalfe at The Entertainer to ask him a few questions about our partnership.

What sector is your business in?

How many current employees are in your business?

What is the percentage of employees that aren’t desk-based? (Estimation)

What was your need for originally looking for bitesize e-learning?
Time is much more challenging to come by in our stores now, so we needed learning that was quick, fun, and informative.

Why did you initially choose to come on board with iAM Learning? (List 3 things that encouraged this)
Content, Service, Style

Which collections or courses have brought the most value to your employees and the organisation? (List Top 3)
Asking for help, having difficult conversations, reaching your potential

How has the bitesize training contributed to overall efficiency and productivity within the organisation?
We are using iAM Learning to form part of our new induction process and the feedback has been very positive

Which courses have been celebrated across the organisation?
Asking for help

In what ways has bitesize eLearning contributed to higher staff engagement and job satisfaction from your perspective? Have you seen any direct correlations?
Our teams are engaging more with learning which has been a struggle after Covid-19

Which of the courses is the one you feel your organisation couldn’t live without?
Asking for help

How would you describe iAM Learning’s bitesize training in 3 words?
Amazing, fun, unique

Addressing the challenges in the retail sector requires a strategic approach to learning and development, with a focus on creating flexible and engaging training programs. That’s where we stepped in. The Entertainer utilises our e-learning platform, and as you can see from their answers, they enjoy the fun, bite-sized nature of our courses. It answers many of their issues.

With our help, and the continued cultivation of a culture that prioritises continuous learning and offers ongoing support to their team, employee development will thrive, ensuring a skilled and adaptable workforce ready to meet the challenges of the toy retail sector.

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