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Boosting Workplace Happiness: How to Put Employee Wellbeing at the Forefront

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Boosting Workplace Happiness

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Cold, dark, rainy… This time of year can be really miserable for people. They’re probably working harder too, to catch up from their festive break, or to get ahead for the upcoming year. So, now’s the perfect time for L&D managers to focus on employee wellbeing in the workplace.

Look, a healthy, happy workforce is not only beneficial for your staff as individuals, but boosts productivity and morale across the entire business. So how can you ensure your employees feel supported, both mentally and physically?

First and foremost, encourage workers to take the full time off that they are entitled to. This means clear breaks away from the workplace, where they are not checking emails or thinking about projects. Time off should be refreshing; a chance for employees to relax, indulge in hobbies and spend time with loved ones. Workers who take regular breaks are less stressed and more focused when they return.

It's also vital that leaders openly discuss mental health and wellbeing. When managers are honest about their own experiences, it encourages others to open up, too. No topics should be off-limit – you’re all adults, and talking about topics that might make people uncomfortable is a good way to solve problems and offer help.

Provide wellbeing training and internal platforms where staff feel comfortable talking about anxiety, stress or other challenges or other ‘taboo’ subjects without judgement. Break down outdated stigmas and make it clear that mental health is just as important as physical health, because it absolutely is.

Get creative with activities and initiatives that boost wellbeing. Even small things like organising yoga or meditation sessions, providing healthy snacks or allowing short walks outdoors can make a big difference. Consider setting up talks on nutrition, sleep hygiene and managing stress. Or how about allowing staff to spend an hour per week on a hobby or creative passion project? When employees feel valued, their engagement and loyalty improve.

Most importantly, remember that when staff feel happy and supported, they work more productively. An effective employee wellbeing strategy leads to better focus, creativity and workplace relationships. When businesses invest time and resources into wellbeing initiatives, they reap rewards further down the line. So be proactive in prioritising mental and physical health. Your employees will thrive, and your organisation will too.

As you’ve seen, L&D managers play a key role in fostering employee mental health and wellbeing. Remember, they should encourage time off without the expectation of email checking and have open conversations to reduce the stigma around mental health struggles. Providing online forums for employees to discuss challenges and feel supported can be hugely beneficial. Getting creative with virtual wellbeing activities like yoga classes, mental health days or care packages shows employees they are valued as people, not just workers. 

Fundamentally, when employees feel cared for and valued, engagement and loyalty increase and the entire business benefits. L&D managers should make employee mental health a priority now to see dividends across the board.

Focusing on employee wellbeing is so important. When teams feel healthy and happy in their roles, you create a positive workplace culture where everyone can excel. Make well-being a priority all year round - your staff and organisation will reap the rewards.

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